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What you should be looking for in your coffee.

You may be ruining your cup of coffee before you even press “brew”! YIKES! Sounds a little aggressive but, when it comes to a “damn good” cup of coffee it begins way before you press start on your machine. It begins way back on the farm and on the land it was grown. Freshness is the key to any good cup of coffee. Where it comes from, how it’s roasted and then packaged should all be apart of your criteria when choosing a brand to brew in your home!    No worries, we got you! One quick read over this and you will become a coffee connoisseur in no time.   FIRST STEP, PICK THE RIGHT BEANS!  There are two main...

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7 Ways to Make Super Healthy Coffee

Came across this superb content from Editor at ViralPex, and I decided to share it with you coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers alike! Flow with me to learn how to make SUPER HEALTHY COFFEE and see what you have been missing.   Get our Flavorful Low-Acidic Coffee blends, satisfy your taste buds and bring ease to your stomach 1#. No Caffeine After 2PM Caffeine is a stimulant. This is one of the main reasons we enjoy coffee so much… the caffeine gives us a jolt of energy and helps us stay awake when we feel tired.But if we drink coffee late in the day, this can interfere with our sleep, but poor sleep can cause all sorts of problems.For this reason,...

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7 Ways An Ordinary Cup Of Coffee Can Positively Affect Your Health

Came across this superb content from Maya Borenstein of Little Things, and I decided to share it with you. According to Gallup’s polling, “Sixty-four percent of U.S. adults report drinking at least one cup of coffee on an average day.” Even more than that? “A quarter say they’re addicted.”This high number of coffee drinkers may not come as a surprise. But it might be surprising to hear that drinking coffee can actually be beneficial to your health!As with anything, moderation is key, and there is definitely such a thing as drinking too much coffee. However, those who enjoy coffee in healthy quantities can rest assured that they are actually doing something good for their bodies.Some of these health benefits truly shocked...

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