Why Bandit?

Time Stands Still With Bandit Coffee

Did you know? Average coffee goes stale after 8-12 weeks after being roasted! So the coffee you are drinking may be close if not there by the time you purchase it and brew it! The clock is ticking….

Bandit Coffee is one of the first companies to use a nitro proprietary packaging to preserve the freshness and aroma after the beans have been roasted. These High Altitude, Organic Coffee beans are wet processed and packaged carefully using our proprietary process that eliminates virtually all the oxygen in our bags. Having virtually zero O2 in our bags insures that our unopened bags will stay fresh and delicious up to a year!

Bandit Coffee is located in Los Angeles, California and we source our coffee beans from Peru. Our beans are all shade-grown, organic and hand picked to ensure ripeness and quality to maintain the low acidity. Our beans are then wet-processed to eliminate contamination and flavor degradation. They are then slow roasted in a drum roaster and packaged to give you full flavor that last for up to a year!