Turning Your Passion Into a Business

What’s that thing that brings you the most joy in the world? The thing that without a doubt, is your passion. 

Now, imagine you made that passion your job? 

Bandit was the byproduct of loving coffee and having an idea. 5 years later, we’re here to tell you to take the plunge, say yes, and go all in on taking your passion to that next level. 

I know, I know, it’s scary and it’s uncertain and there are a million reasons it might not work, but here’s the thing, what if it does? 

Everything, and I mean everything, is a learning curve. You will never start something that you know all the answers to and if you do, well, that would probably be a first. Just like all of you, we had an idea, a rough estimate of what it might take, and we were half right about all of it. 

5 years ago we were in the process of complete burnout. So excited and ready to make some changes we embraced learning an entirely new industry to find that passion again. We brainstormed, we dreamed big, and we took the leap. 

Knowing how much ‘grabbing a coffee’ has shifted and the number of competitors, Bandit was created to focus on the people that consumed it and the story each bag told. Focusing on the personas rather than the roast. 

If a day is going to start with a cup (or 5) of coffee, why not drink one that represents who you are, what you stand for, and aspire to be. This coffee has given us the opportunity to learn something new, connect with our community, and create something that’s more than a caffeine boost. 

Think of that passion, think of how it could change your life,  and think of how you could create your own movement. 

From one Bandit to the next, you’ve got this! 

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