Where does the coffee come from?

We pride on how we selected the perfect bean for our customers. Our perfect beans are a Peruvian Certified Organic Fair Trade coffee bean. We selected a coffee that has been rated as one of the most premium coffee beans in the world.

Fair Trade and Certified Organic - Sustainability and social responsibility is important to us, which is why we ensure that farmers are paid top dollar to support their families, and also to support the extra effort it takes to grow and process the best quality coffee without taking shortcuts.  These beans have been certified organic via the USDA.

This premium class bean (High Altitude Bean) is grown at an altitude above 4500 feet and hand picked to ensure ripeness of every coffee cherry and this coffee bean is treated with care every step of the way.

What is Nitro Packaging?

Bandit Coffee wants their customers to have the freshest coffee experience at their own home. Therefore, packaging in nitrogen is key. Coffee is packaged using a vertical form and fill system. The coffee is fed into an overhead hopper and the bags are fed into the dispenser where they are flushed with nitrogen as the bag is filled with coffee. Finally, nitrogen is flushed until the bag is sealed assuring that the coffee will remain fresh and smooth tasting for months.

Coffee is filled with aromatic oils that impart the fresh taste, rich crema and delightful scents to the pour. It is the grinding of the beans that exposes the oil throughout the bean. These oils continuously emit gases which makes the coffee beans susceptible to oxidation. It is a typical practice to package the beans in nitrogen just prior to sealing the bag. By eliminating oxygen and moisture in the package, we also prevent bacterial growth. Since coffee is a natural product, nitrogen prevents the possibility of flavor degradation and preserves the full aroma of the beans.

Is it organic?

It is! We pride ourselves in really taking the time to produce the best certified organic bean you will taste! As of now, the only product in our line that is not organic is our cold bru but we use our organic coffee to steep our cold bru for 24 hours. We can promise you that it is the closest thing to “organic” as we could possibly get!

What is the Cold Bru?

Bandit Coffee has finally created a ready to drink option! We call it “COLD BRU” because it’s not like any other cold brew on the market. The O.F is steeped for 24 hours using premium certified organic coffee beans. Good things take time so that’s why we steep our cold for double of what the industry standard calls for. We maximize our aroma and natural sweetness in every batch. Bandit Cold Bru is 70% less acidic than you average. Pour it over ice or drink it straight from the bottle and enjoy.

Return Policy

Not happy with your purchase? Simply shoot us a message via social media or email and we will send you a shipping slip. Once item is received in our warehouse we will gladly credit your account and place it towards a new blend our product you can love!

If I am new to coffee, what coffee should I get?

Welcome new coffee drinker, we are excited you are here! If you are new to the coffee game you have come to the right place! We would recommend trying us for free! Just go to the tab saying “Try Us For Free” and choose a blend and we will ship it to you for you to try with no financial commitment.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Standard customer shipping will reach you between 3-5 business days.

Do you have any sales?

Once in a blue moon we have a sale but we do offer exclusive perks and discounts to our customers exclusively and often! Sign up for our email list at the bottom of  your page or contact us via email.

Do you sell wholesale?

Interested in bringing Bandit Coffee to your workplace, coffee shop or store? Please email us at howdy@banditcoffeeco.com .

How much Is shipping?

You can receive FREE shipping on all orders over $30. Otherwise, shipping is a $5 flat fee domestic and international is weight based. All products shipped via FedEx or USPS.

How long does the coffee stay fresh ?

We package our premium coffee beans with our state of the art proprietary packaging . Meaning, we virtually remove all the oxygen in our bags! Our bags contain 0.0 - 0.2% oxygen. Most coffee only lasts three months before getting stale because of the high amounts of oxygen left in bags when packaged. . Bandit Coffee gives you coffee that stays fresh up to a year!

How can I become an social media influencer for your coffee?

Please email us at howdy@banditcoffeeco.com