The Outlaw - Medium Roast

 “The Outlaw” is our medium roast a.k.a. your "everyday" go to coffee. Not too strong but not too light, AND still holds the perfect amount of taste to get you through your day. You will also taste the difference with the low acidity. We named this one the "Outlaw" because, well, we broke the laws of coffee. We choose the best beans and packaged it in the best way possible for the longer lasting flavor. We are sure that after drinking this, a little “Outlaw” may come out in you as well. 

 Flavor notes: 

  • FULL BODY Flavor
  • Freshness - there is virtually no O2 in our bags. We took a lot of time and effort to preserve the freshness.
  • 100% Arabica
  • Peruvian Sourced 
  • 12 Oz.
  • Ground

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