Winterizing Tips and Tricks For The Bandit Man

WEDNESDAY'S are for the boys! We are dedicating this one to the men out there giving you all the tips and tricks to winterizing your home and your life. We'll be covering 3 main categories to give you the inside scoop on all the details of the things you should know going into winter.
For your home - First things first we got to clean up that house. We are going to start our little "winter-izing" journey right at home and we're pretty positive that you could whip this all out on a Saturday morning before your favorite games come on!

1. Clean your gutters and install leaf-guards to keep leaves from falling into the cleared gutters. Don't have time? Check out this app Task Rabbit to hire help on demand!

2. Replace the filter in your furnace

3. Weatherstrip your windows around draft areas to keep the warm air in

4. Switch your fan blade to spin clockwise. This will move the hot air up and will provide better air circulation.
For your truck
1. Go in and get a tune-up, check your tires and make sure they're winter-ready

2. Prepare an emergency kit for your car: we recommend including a flashlight, blanket, gloves, flares, and tire chains. We found one here . Just throw it in a bag or tote that fits in your trunk or back seat and add some extra things and you will be set. 

3. Check the battery

4. Check the wipers and wiper fluid (it is recommended that you switch your fluid to a cold temperature blend)
Tips for you
1. Winterize your skincare - invest in quality skincare products such as a moisturizer with an SPF and chapstick that you can always carry with you. 

2. Use a humidifier - this is great for when it gets cold and the air gets dry. Having a running humidifier prevents dry skin, dandruff, and bloody noses. You can add lavender or eucalyptus to your humidifier for added benefits! Just place in your room and leave on during the night! We love this one

3. Wash your hair less: too many shampoo sessions can strip oils and leave hair dry and brittle. Give your hair a good rinse or even invest in a dry shampoo!
The season change can often be a little rough with the change of daylight, cold weather and dry air. Preparing yourself for the change of season can create a smooth transition. Keep yourself safe this winter season by preparing your home for all the winter changes!

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