Why Cold Brew is your new best friend…and what you need to know.

About 2 years ago I started hearing about this thing called "cold brew." Now, I'm gonna be honest, I had no idea what this even meant. Was it brewed in a cooler? With ice cold water? Do you have to drink it cold? Is it only made in states that are super cold? I literally was clueless. I then purchased a bottle and I still was not a fan, nor was I convinced that it was actually something extraordinary. 
For christmas this year I received a "at home" cold brew kit that stayed in the box for 6 months until Freddy found it and went nuts! I came home one day and one would have thought we opened up a coffee shop in our kitchen. What I didn't know was that I walked into a mad laboratory that turned out to be the BEST. THING. EVER.
We first tested it with steeping the coffee for 36hours, loved it but, wasn't crazy about it. We then steeped the coffee for 12hours. This was the industries base standard for how long cold brew should be steeped for.  It tasted like the 12hour didn’t fully steep for enough time for the coffee to get its full flavor. Although it tasted fine because Bandit Coffee is already at a lower acidic level than most coffee’s on the market, we just were not in love. We then steeped the brew for 24 hours. Wow! What a difference, it appeared that 24 hours allowed the grounds to fully exfoliate the flavors and natural sweetness. We decided that 24hour cold brew was the winner! It was so smooth, sweet and delicious. Although that is a long time, we felt like this best showcased how great Bandit Coffee really is! I didn’t even know the details but this is how our newest product “BANDIT BRU" got started. After lots and lots of research I discovered a few things I wanted to share with you and why you need to try not just a cup of cold brew….but BANDIT BRU
  1. Cold Brew is already less acidic than your average coffee. But, when using Bandit, there coffee is already at a  lower acid level coffee than your off the shelf coffee. You can enjoy a Brew that is 70% less acidic than your standard coffee. If that doesn’t sell you there, think of it this way. You know all those digestive system problems you seem to have after your morning cup of coffee? You can go ahead and forget about those days!
  2. You can drink it cold…..or hot! Don’t be fooled by the name. You can most defiantly drink this hot. The convient recyclable plastic bottles BANDIT provided makes it great to throw in a cup to heat up, poor over ice, or even just drink it straight out of the bottle. GET CREATIVE!
  3. Standard cold brew from your “Favorite” shops are only steeped for 12 hours. Bandit Coffee Steeps there cold brew for 24 hours! Why? Let’s Break it down. The first portion of the process is when we get a majority of the flavor elements. After this the longer we steep the coffee the more time we have to get all the great flavors elements from the bean.
  4. Cold Brew does not get stronger (caffeine level) the longer you steep it. Don’t be intimidated by your coffee being brewed for 24 hours. We have broke down the perfect amount of time to get the perfect bottle of Bru.
  5.  Cold Brew takes out any and all of the bittering agents you may experience from brewing a hot pot of coffee, which in turn makes the taste better and easier to drink.
Cold Brew has taken the coffee nation over, setting high expectations for coffee shops to amp up there barista game. And for lots of individuals that are just “dipping there toes” into coffee, this is a great way to dive in and set up a great tasting pallet for coffee. 
I hope this answers any and all questions you may have when you hear about cold brew and know that with Bandit you really are getting the best on the market!
You can purchase your Bandit Bru, THE O.G both individually or by the case (for all you coffee addicts)! We are currently only delivering to the Los Angeles area, FOR FREE. But if you are interested in grabbing yourself a bottle email us and we will accommodate! 

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