What’s our favorite “F” word?

What’s our favorite “F” word?



When it comes to coffee people tend to forget just how quickly coffee can go bad! We will get to that in another post but first how can you keep your existing coffee fresh and tasty?

-keep in a dark and cool location

-keep away from any moisture

-A mason jar or sealed container are the perfect way to store coffee. Do not keep your coffee in the bag it came in (unless you drink bandit coffee and use their resealable bag.)

-purchasing nitro pre-packaged products when choosing Cassi are important! This is the highest quality and standard coffee packaging in the industry and allows your coffee to already be the freshest!

Do not store your coffee beans in the refrigerator or freezer. Taking them in and out each day creates moisture and this is not good. Only store in these locations if you have purchased in bulk otherwise a cool dark dry place is perfect.

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