This summer I made a vow to drink more shakes. I not only wanted to do this to create a quick and easy meal option but a healthier one as well. I felt like working from home and being in and out all day I was feeling like I was living in the kitchen and always cooking something. Even though I felt like I was in the kitchen all the time, I was still always on the go. And being a coffee lover, I came up with my perfect blend of goodness that uses simple ingredients, you most likely have in your home, that won't break the bank, and will leave you feeling happy and full. 
Shake recipe’s are a dime a dozen and it's really hard to find recipes that are not always sending you to the grocery store everyday to pick up more fruit and veggies or, having you head over heels at Costco stocking up on items that most likely will just sit there and just be stared or go bad after a couple weeks. That is what I love about the shake I came up with. A lot of the ingredients will last you a while and are CHEAP! WOOHOO!
Here is what you will need:
COFFEE - I take our left over Bandit Coffee and place it in a mason jar each day and just throw in our fridge for either an iced coffee option in the afternoons or for shakes the next day. If we are out of coffee I just place a couple teaspoons of our organic instant coffee 8 Second Ride or use or Cold Bru for the same exact effect!  
COCONUT MILK - I have really been loving coconut milk lately, but almond or cashew milk is a great healthy option as well. 
PEANUT BUTTER - Because why not and who doesn’t love peanut butter! It's also a great source of protein, great in high fats and can also help suppress hunger.
FLAX SEEDS - I've been into adding this into shakes lately. Some of my favorite benefits of flaxseeds include being great for your hair and skin, a anti-oxidant and it can help suppress hunger as well. There are tons of other healthy benefits as well so I feel like adding this into your smoothie makes it a heavy hitter in your morning game. 
BANANAS -They help reduce belly bloat, can fight cravings and keep you feeling full. Bananas are also an all natural detoxifying fruit.
MACA - This one, like the flax seed has so many benefits it’s hard to name just one favorite, which is why I love adding a little in. Benefits include a positive increase in hormone balance, energy levels, and libido for both men and women …wink wink. ;)
ICE - I use this as a filler and to get more of a cold Frappaccino consistency so you can really put in as much or as little as you would like!
2 SCOOPS PROTEIN - I have been using this brand of protein for years and have gone back and forth between others and found that this one actually keeps me feeling full and has the best taste as well! I love any of the Complete Nutrition proteins because they are all so fresh and you know your getting the best quality. You can pick this up at any Complete Nutrition! I love using the vanilla. It mixes well with any other flavors or is delicious on it's own. 
I literally just throw all these ingredients together and work with what I have in the kitchen and try not to become to concerned with exact measurements. I am not a huge calorie counter and I find it super annoying when people do that! “TREAT YO SELF” girl. I feel like if you are making smart choices then you're already ahead of the game!
I usually make enough for 2 big mason jars for both Freddy and I or, I like to make one for breakfast and save one for a post workout treat or just a little pick me up later in the day. Hence why I am so obsessed with mason jars (here is a link to my fav's). It’s great just to put a lid on it and save it for later!
Not only did shakes help me stay on track both nutritionally but, financially as well. Shakes are a great way to replace a meal and you can get creative with your ingredients. I also found that I was getting more nutrients during these meals and it really boosted me for my day!

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