Qualifications to Entrepreneurship

Does entrepreneurship scare you? 

Do you sit back in awe of the people that go for it? 

Have you ever debunked why you aren’t right there with them? 

Time and time again we hear people tell us how cool it is that we’re entrepreneurs. As if we did something so brand new and out of the ordinary. Almost like there’s some prerequisite that somehow we met and they didn’t. 

I want to shout from the rooftops that entrepreneurship doesn’t work that way! 

Entrepreneurship gives you the creative freedom to make your own rules. The only permission you need to make your dream a reality is your own! 

While that’s pretty easy to write down, I absolutely understand how freaking scary it is to go from idea to reality. It’s absolutely terrifying. 

It’s the voice in the back of your head that makes you wonder if you’re enough - 

  • Smart enough 
  • Organized enough 
  • Interesting enough 
  • QUALIFIED enough

You name it and it ends with ‘enough.’ Those thoughts are what make you question your qualification. 

BUT hear me out, what if you told yourself you were all in? What does that mean to you? If you’re all in, then there’s no space to second guess yourself. There’s no time to wonder if you’re enough because you’re doing the damn thing. 

If you’re in stages of pre-entrepreneurship and waiting on someone to yell from the rooftops to go ALL IN - consider this it. 

Take your idea and run with it. 

You are enough, don’t let yourself or anyone else tell you otherwise. 

Boom. You’re an entrepreneur now. How does it feel? 

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