PART 3: Creating a Movement

Finally Introducing : CREATING A MOVEMENT 

When we stepped foot in the entrepreneurial space we came in running. We were ready to do something new and different and with a meaning. Whether or not we knew how all of it would fall into place RIGHT in that moment was a different story. 

As we continued to learn and pivot and learn some more, new ideas formed. As we created new coffees with new stories there were new possibilities. New people that we could reach. New strategies we could tap into and new opportunities we were ready to take advantage of. 

It has been through learning about what is possible in this industry and diving into the value we want to be able to provide that we’re able to say we’re part of a movement. 

Let me backup for a minute and talk about our mornings - 

We LOVE a good morning routine. 

Way before we had ever known what it meant to be an entrepreneur we LIVED for our mornings. It was the opportunity to sip on that morning cup of coffee and create the habits that would set our days up for success. Whether or not we knew it then, we were living a bandit lifestyle. 

Have you heard of the 5am club? There’s books and podcasts and speakers that talk about it. The whole idea that the way you start your morning will set the tone for your whole day - does that sound familiar? 

Whether or not we knew it 5 years ago, we have joined in on the movement that focuses on the way you start your day. We want to be the foundation of getting you off to the right start and owning your days.

Taking the time to embrace this inner bandit tactic is what will set you apart as an individual. It will create the habits that make you stronger, bolder, and more confident. Who doesn’t want that? 

We all have the same 24 hours, it’s all about how we use it. Are you ready to join our movement? 

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