PART 2: Story Telling

Coming in hot talking all things : STORY TELLING 

Remember when ordering a coffee was exactly that simple? A cup of black drip coffee. That was it. 

Fast forward to today and there’s more flavor combinations and modifications than our parents or grandparents know what to do with. Going to ‘grab a coffee’ is a thing. It’s a date. It’s a place to do homework. The industry has become boutiquified - a term I may have just made up right here right now. 

So, 5 years ago when we launched Bandit Coffee we knew there would be competition coming out of our ears, so we started brainstorming. We’re talking, ALL of the out of the box thinking you can imagine. 

Then it hit us. 

We were going to create a Coffee brand that highlighted the STORY each bag told. We were going to go beyond the societal coffee norms and create something with more meaning. Something our consumers could connect to. It would spark interest, curiosity, and create a community in the process. 

Every single bag of coffee we’ve named has a meaning behind it - 

The Outlaw : Similar to the concept of ‘outlaw logic’ this coffee highlights the ways we broke the rules of coffee. From the way we chose our beans, packaging, and the flavor it would have, we stepped outside of what was ‘normal.’ Creating our #1 best seller, we must have been onto something. 

Black Jax : Named after our golden retriever Jax, this bag of coffee is a dark roast perfect for espresso and emphasizes the energy that will be gained after a sip. Similar to Jax, this coffee is the “wild card.” 

The Gambler : Our first Thai sourced coffee represents the gamble we took through this partnership. Emphasizing the ways you can take a gamble in your daily life to create new possibilities and partnerships that could create something you never predicted. 

Black Water : Our decaf blend references the name the cowboys gave weak coffee. Tying together our western theme and coffee names, the decaffeination process was done through chemical-free removal, creating a cleaner and fresher taste. 

These are just a few examples, but do you see what we mean? From the simple branding to incorporating these stories, this has been our entry to share who Bandit is. 

We are here to create the community. To create the Bandit mentality within our consumers. To remind anyone and everyone that they too can be brave and bold. 

It’s through our coffee that we communicate and we can’t wait to keep sharing our story, after all, there’s so much to tell. 

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