Packing Pro Tips With The Bandits

As if traveling isn't stressful enough... what happens before you even leave the house seems to be the most anxiety-ridden part of the whole trip. PACKING!
Anyone else pack 10 outfits, 5 books, 15 pairs of shoes and a jacket for any type of weather when going on a 3-day trip? Oh good, it's not just us. We're dishing out some of our top packing tips that are being brought to you by our very own BANDIT Frederick, AKA the world traveler. When he was traveling back and forth over seas to Saudi Arabia and teaching medicine, he got the perks of being able to see new places and learning all about those traveling pro tips. So, we're putting that useful knowledge to work and sharing it with you!
Start with a packing list. - Make a list and check it twice! Be prepared when it comes to your trip, your plans and the weather. Write it all down and. stick to it!
Know the airline bag fee policy - Be sure to double-check what the airline's policy is for bags! With @americanair you are allowed 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop bag) per passenger for FREE! Take advantage!
Bandit Game Changer: Roll your clothes, it saves space and keeps clothes from getting wrinkled.
Try using just a carry-on - The Best way to avoid losing your baggage during travel and cut down on time your time in the airport waiting for your bag would be just bringing a carry-on. (It may seem like an impossible task to pack everything but we believe in you). 
Bring clothes that can be used with multiple outfits - You don't have to forget what they told you about wearing the same thing twice but you can use this as an opportunity to put your fashion expertise to use!
Use tissue paper when roll clothes to reduce wrinkles and friction.
Place dryer sheets to keep clothes smelling fresh - simple but oh so good! We love a good lavender scented dryer sheet if were being honest!
Make use of ziplock or airtight bags - These will make packing a breeze for you! Just simply roll up your items, stuff in the bag and press all the air out! You can also use these to store dirty laundry towards the end of your trip!
Bring a few extra bags for dirty clothes - See tip above!
Always wear your bulkiest clothing on the plane - We're not asking you to look like Ralphie's brother Randy from A Christmas Story but you can be a little strategic when it comes to packing and your outfit planning for your day of travel.
Pack mini versions of liquids - Travel size items are our favorite! You can find some of your favorite products in a mini size! Check your local salon and the target bins in the personal section for some cool finds! 
Don't pack for Just in case - We know you read that and rolled your eyes. We also know that you've overpacked before on account of packing for the "just in case" scenario. Pack the necessities and if you need something, indulge yourself in some shopping.
Lastly, always leave room in the suitcase in case you buy something. Treat Yo Self!

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