Co-packed Happiness

No, it’s not about dental work. And it’s not just about coffee, either.

Let me explain.

It’s that feeling you get from giving a friend a compliment, from giving a treat to a puppy, from making a baby laugh. You don’t do it because you have to—or even out of obligation—you do it because doing so brings you just as much joy as it brings the other person (or puppy, or baby). Doing things for others is one of the best ways to bring joy into your own life. And here at Bandit Coffee, we like to find every opportunity to do just that.

Not too long ago, Bandit Coffee got to help Manhattan Oral Surgery out with a pretty cool project: gift boxes. Bandit was able to work alongside Manhattan Oral Surgery to create unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for their associates, and here’s the best part: we got to help the company that is always helping others.

Here’s how it worked: Manhattan Oral Surgery wanted to create fun, unique gift boxes for their associates, so they reached out to their local Bandit Coffee Company (that’s us!) for help. After a short consultation, we were able to take on their gift box project from creation to delivery, allowing Manhattan Oral Surgery to continue helping others with one less thing to worry about. We loved working with Manhattan Oral Surgery and being a part of something bigger.

Got an upcoming event or special occasion? Let Bandit Coffee Co. help! We’ve got what you need to bring an elegant, classy touch to holidays, parties, special events, and any other gift giving occasion. If Bandit Coffee Co. can help you, shoot us an email at! We would love to help make your life a little easier.

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