It's All in the Details

When we started Bandit, we saw the people that were already successful at what they did and played the comparison game. Can anyone relate? 


Clearly we were not the only coffee on the market, and we’d be lying if that wasn’t absolutely terrifying. BUT we knew in our gut that what we were offering was like no other. We wanted to be the coffee for the people - that anyone could be a Bandit. 

While we’re constantly working to improve or add products to what we offer, some things have and will remain constant and that’s the way we show our appreciation. 

There are not enough ways for us to say thank you to the people that have supported us from the beginning. We can’t shout it loud enough to reach all of you across the country that have given us the opportunity to make it this far. After (barely) making it through our first year, we know now more than ever that it’s all of you - our supporters - that have and always will make Bandit all we wanted it to be. 

In an effort to show you all our gratitude we will always send a custom note in our packages representing both our brand, through the colors and theme, and our pure gratitude. The day that we can’t create that personal connection with all of you is the day we won’t be qualified to do the job. 

Bandit Coffee was created for the people, by the people. We created something new, something fresh, something exciting and it’s through your reactions, your support, and your interest that we’re able to keep doing it. 

From the bottom of our heart here at Bandit, THANK YOU.

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