Introducing: The Farmer's Daughter

It’s happening, Bandits! Our newest addition is here! Bandit Coffee Co. is growing, and you’re the first to hear about it!

As you can probably tell, we’re SO STINKING EXCITED to announce that this week, we are launching a brand-new Bandit Coffee Co. location in Arizona!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, we know. That sentence used a lot of exclamation points. But we’re convinced that if you keep reading, you’ll want to shout about it, too.

But wait, what does some farmer’s kid have to do with a new location? Well, we’re glad you asked! Based in Arizona, our newest addition is called The Farmer’s Daughter and focuses on a revolutionary idea: an entirely to-go, delivery experience that gives customers the convenience of delicious, pre-made coffee at the touch of a button. (Thank you, online ordering!) Basically, it’s the most convenient way to get our signature Snickers Latte without the hustle and bustle of getting to a coffee shop. (Traffic, am I right?) This means that we’ll be entirely online--we won’t serve through a physical location. And here’s the fun part: since we’re offering products only through delivery, we’re focusing our extra resources on new packaging products to make your experience even better. (Go ahead—let out your excitement!)

You’ll be able to order your favorite Bandit drink through any food delivery platform offered in the Phoenix area, such as Uber Eats, GrubHub, and Door Dash. You’ve got options!

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Why Arizona, and why “The Farmer’s Daughter?” Both of those questions can be answered in two words: our owners! Before they lived in Kansas, Bandit Coffee Co.’s owners each had called Arizona home. Their lives’ adventures have taken them elsewhere since then, but Arizona is still near and dear to both their hearts. The name of our newest addition, The Farmer’s Daughter, was created to represent bold, hardworking women who stop at nothing to accomplish their goals, like one of our owners herself. The Farmer’s Daughter represents strength, determination, and an untamable passion that fuels success.

Six years ago, we began our Bandit journey as a fully-online e-commerce store. Two years ago, we opened up our first physical Bandit Coffee location in a regional airport in the heart of Kansas. Now, two years later, we’re taking Bandit Coffee Co. to the next level by opening a new location that serves our friends in Arizona.

This big step is only the beginning of The Bandit story. We’re so glad to have you with us!


A bit overwhelming? Here’s a snapshot:

Who: The Farmer’s Daughter!
What: A totally to-go coffee experience that gets our coffee to you through delivery!
When: We’re launching this week!
Where: Arizona friends, this one is for you! We’ll serve the Phoenix area. Not from Arizona? No problem! You can purchase Bandit Coffee online and in select stores. Visit the “Shop” page of our website to find out more!
How: You can order through Grubhub, Door Dash, Uber Eats, and more—any online food delivery platform offered in the Phoenix area!

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