From One Mom to the Next

As I sat down with my cup of coffee this morning to write about Mother’s Day I couldn’t help but reflect on the number of lessons that I have learned in the past year of becoming a mother. 


These lessons not only made me appreciate all of the things that my mother did for me, but it made me proud of the little human that I am raising and how much he has changed me for the better. 

As a mom, you constantly put your child first. Whether it’s feeding them over yourself, doing their laundry when you have no underwear left in your drawer, waking up for those middle of the night feedings, or holding them close because they need the comfort of their mommas. It doesn’t matter how tired or overwhelmed we are, we still do it, because we’re their mom. 


To me, being a good mom means knowing when to take care of myself. Learning to fill my cup before trying to pour from an empty one. 


So, taking that I started to think how I could take a small amount of time to fill my soul so that I could pour into my little one. For me, that means creating a morning routine where I focus on myself. Each morning I wake up 20 minutes before Ridge and pour myself a cup of coffee. I sit down, drink it slowly and quietly and then do some journaling. 


Something as simple as waking up before he does and enjoying my cup of coffee helps my day run so much smoother. It has quickly become a routine that I get most excited about every single morning. 


If you are reading this, no matter how long you’ve been a mom,  this mother’s day, remember - it’s ok to make time for you, in fact it is needed! 


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there that are raising small humans. You are doing amazing and there is no better mom out there for your little one than YOU.

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