For The Love of Coffee AND Sleep

Dear Decaf Coffee, 

When I was younger I remember watching my parents start their days with a cup of coffee. The number of times I asked to try it and immediately regretted it is more than I can count. I just couldn’t get over what was so great about this thing they HAD to have every morning. Fast forward to my college years and I have a different perspective on the manner… 

It didn’t matter how long the day was going to be, it started, continued, and ended with a cup of coffee in my hand. It was the smell that filled the house that got me out the door in a great mood. It was beating an afternoon crash that kept me on track. It was being able to study ALL night that helped me pass the hardest exams. 

Then one day my relationship with caffeine changed. That afternoon cup of coffee that I CRAVED was suddenly keeping me up ALL night. Talk about an unfortunate side effect of being an adult… 

Not really sure where to go with this newfound relationship with one of my favorite things, I remembered my grandpa telling me that he religiously switches to decaf coffee in the afternoon. Filling his coffee needs, but not keeping him up at night. 

His love for decaf was INTENSE. Like to the point where he would get frustrated if he was out and it wasn’t available...  Honestly, now I get it. 

You see, it’s the way society has us programmed. We believe we need to be focused and productive ALL THE TIME, not thinking about the things we consume and how it’ll affect us later in the day. I’m all for the energy, the taste, and the feeling of holding that warm travel cup while I’m in the car, but I won’t be productive tomorrow if I don’t get that sleep tonight. 

Decaf, you single handedly give me my coffee fill AND get me the sleep I need. I would not accomplish half of my to-do list without you. 


Bandit Coffee Drinkers

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