Caffeine Blog: 101

Caffeine! We all need it at some point. Whether it be a morning cup of coffee, a boost before we hit the gym or an afternoon pick-me-up, it's a part of most of our daily lives.
We wanted to share with you some interesting points about caffeine (because it does seem to be our specialty). Believe it or not, caffeine has some great health benefits if drank in moderate amounts.
Your Daily Dose:
The average recommended dose of caffeine per day is 300mg. This is equal to about 3 cups of coffee.
Helping your body:
Caffeine can increase the body’s metabolic rate. It increases the rate in which your body processes food, burning fat at a higher rate than without caffeine.
Increase your lifespan:
Caffeine can allow you to live longer. Although there is no definitive truth, some studies have shown that drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day can lower your risk of cardiovascular problems as well as diabetes.
Caffeine can increase your memory:
A study was done at John Hopkins University in which people were either given a placebo or a caffeine supplement. They were asked to view 3 images. 24 hours later they were shown the same images that had been slightly altered. Those that were given the caffeine supplement were more likely to notice the changes.
Boost your mood:
Caffeine can block the neurotransmitters that leave us feeling sluggish and tired. It can also enhance the function of the beneficial neurotransmitters that send chemicals such as dopamine (that happy feeling after your morning coffee) and Serotine to the bloodstream.
Potential negative side effects:
Caffeine can have negative side effects if over-consumed (more than 400mg per day): It can cause insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea and an increase in heart rate and breathing. So drink carefully! 
Caffeine inside the body:
According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes for caffeine to reach its peak level in the blood. The body typically eliminates half of the drug in 3 to 5 hours, and the remainder can linger for 8 to 14 hours. We recommend really keeping a handle on the timing of your cup of joe and when it is consumed. 
It's the most "bang for your buck":
Coffee is still the best way to get a rush of caffeine quickly; a small coffee will send about 260 mg of caffeine rushing through your veins, compared to the 45 mg in the same size Diet Coke.
Coffee: the clean caffeine
Don’t be fooled by energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster. They actually contain less caffeine than a cup of coffee and instead are filled with tons of chemicals and sugar, so you end up loading up on empty calories for less energy.
Caffeine life benefits:
Caffeine is the most socially acceptable drug for a reason. Studies suggest that it can improve mood and concentration, sharpen your focus, and increase lifespan. Recently it has been linked to staving off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
Caffeine fuels many of our daily lives, giving us the boost of productivity we are looking for to stay alert and enable us to get more done throughout the day. As proved, caffeine has some amazing benefits if consumed in a moderate amount. From benefits such as increasing your lifespan, improving concentration and mood, and increasing memory. Most important is that caffeine found in coffee is the clean caffeine. Avoid all the chemical and sugar of energy drinks and soda and get your energy fix the clean way.

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