Are you spending enough time outside?


Ok, be honest with us, how often do you get outside in a day? If you work a normal 9-5, I'm sure that number may be a little alarming. After a little research we found out that the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. 87% of that time is spent inside, while the other 6% is spent in automobiles. This means that only 7% of the average American’s life is spent outdoors. Those stats seemed a little alarming to us. 

As you may know our crew at Bandit Coffee is all about living life on the edge and looking for the next adventure. Many times our adventures and business take us outdoors and we wanted to share how we balance that. We feel so passionately about providing products for those whose lifestyle takes them on the go. But we also feel responsible to share with our Bandit's how they can balance it and truly HAVE IT ALL! 

Now, it’s one thing to say getting outside is important, but it’s another to figure out how that actually works in your day-to-day life and schedule. We also understand that some of you may not have certain luxury's like the mountains or oceans to incorporate into your day to day life to get that outdoor time in. We get it, your busy but we also want to stress just how important it is to soak up that sun and enjoy the great gift of the outdoors. If you’re feeling like your days are missing something and you need a little boost of energy, here are a few benefits and tips to bring nature back into your life: 


  1. Boosts energy
  2. Great for your vision (Studies show that children who spend time outdoors are less likely to develop nearsightedness.)
  3. Natural sunlight helps mitigate pain
  4. Boosts your immune system
  5. Enhances creativity
  6. Can help with seasonal affective disorder
  7. Great source of vitamin D
  8. Helps restore your focus


  1. Start your day off by taking your morning coffee outside.
  2. Take your breaks or phone calls outside.
  3. Go for a morning walk. 
  4. Take your lunch break outside.
  5. Invest in a step counter. Set a goal and stick to it daily. You will start to find creative ways to get your steps in both in and outside!


We challenge you to spend at least 30 min a day outside! Now get out there and move! Share with us some of your favorite ways to enjoy the


Here are some of our favorite outdoor essentials!

  First, we recommend investing in a great pair of sunglasses. These our are absolute favorite brand! They fold up so they can fit in your bag easily, they're polarized and they have every style imaginable.

Don't forget to stay hydrated and layer up with sunscreen! We also love a good step tracker to keep you in line!

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