A Note From Lyndsie

Hi yall! My name is Lyndsie Schroeder and I am a senior in Entrepreneurship at Kansas State University. I am from Texas and am a country girl at heart. I love hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors! ESPECIALLY watching the sunrise with a good cup of joe. I am working with Bandit as an intern this summer and am honored to have the chance to be introduced/featured in a blog. 

When I was given the opportunity to write a blog, I was like WOW! What to write about? Being a senior, I am thinking alot about my future, different careers, and the right path to pursue for my life; I am analyzing my dreams/passions and brainstorming ways to create and pursue my dream business. 

My friend once asked me “What are the top 10 things that set your soul on fire?” I was like WOW! What a life giving, fun-filled question! This question is still quite frankly my favorite question to ponder, as well as my favorite question to ask others. It reveals so much about an individual and allows others to get a peek into what makes an individual so awesome! 

Community, friendships, and having people in your corner is SO crucial in life! It makes chasing dreams and reaching goals that much sweeter! SO my challenge for you is to ponder, journal, and think about this question and write down your answers! My list is below:

  1. Traveling, exploring, experiencing God‘s creation
  2. Plants/growth; all things nature
  3. Jesus flooding my heart in the chapel and outdoors
  4. Being in the presence of those that love and except me for all that I am
  5. Getting lost in thoughts; dreaming
  6. Windows down, jamming to country music
  7. Sharing/partaking and hobbies with the ones I love
  8. Pushing my body and reaching goals during a workout
  9. Running, allowing my lungs to inhale fresh crisp air
  10. Crafting !!!

What makes you feel most alive? What brings you an immense amount of joy? What makes you get lost in the moment? What sets YOUR soul on fire? I would LOVE to hear your response and learn more about your wonderful self!

Much love,


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