A Bandit Introduction


My name is Lillee Richard and I’m a freshman at Washington County School. In an effort to broaden my experiences, I partnered with Bandit Coffee Company to get an inside look to what it’s like in the coffee industry. 

To get the Bandit experience, I spent my day in their cafe inside the Manhattan Airport shadowing my cousin, who’s also one of the founders, Adrienne Meyer. It was through her expertise in the coffee industry that I was able to learn from the best. We started out with some of the less complicated drinks where I got to practice my latte making skills, which still have some room for improvement. 

Starting off the day, we arrived at the airport for a flight and started to set up. Addy showed me around and started setting up for an exciting day serving customers before their flight. She then showed me the espresso machine, what it does, how it works, and how to make an espresso. As the day went on I got to expand my experience into americano and macchiato, both of which I got to make and serve to customers! 

I can say without a doubt, of all the things I learned today, I can confirm that my favorite coffee drink is a lavender latte.  Bandit coffee taught me a great deal about their coffee and how they go from bean to bag and all in between.

After getting the “Bandit experience” I have learned hard work, and the dedication it takes to run a successful coffee business. I’m grateful for the chance to have shadowed and can’t wait to watch this company continue to grow! 

To anyone looking for the best coffee in town visit their website!

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