A Collaboration Interview with MADI Apparel

A couple months ago I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled on an absolutely stunning photo. I know Instagram is literally ALL photos, but this one was different. It pulled me in and before I knew it I was re-routed to the website of the company. 

It was called MADI Apparel - 

The more I read, the more I KNEW this was a company I wanted to work with. Not only were their products absolutely breathtaking, but their cause was bigger than any of us. Creating sustainable products and giving back in ways that are changing lives on a global scale. 

Not too long after I saw this initial photo, I sent a message which led to an email which led to this beautiful collaboration. From talking about life, to connecting about our small businesses, the founder, Hayley, is truly one of a kind. 

This won’t be the last time you hear us RAVE about MADI and the work that they’re doing, but to give you some insight as to why we love them so much, here’s a sneak peek of the full interview we did with Hayley. 

  • When was MADI founded? 
  • The concept and planning came in 2012, we became an official LLC in 2013 and we launched our website and first campaign in 2014! 

  • What has been one of your greatest successes? 
  • When we started it was our intention to always stay transparent and authentic. We don’t abide by traditional fashion industry calendars which sets us apart and helps us keep our authenticity alive. When I want to develop a new design and it feels right, I do. When we’re ready to launch it into our collection, we do. When we want to dye a few products in-house, we do. We don’t rely on the traditional seasonal collection launches like the majority of fashion brands which keeps our waste low and makes it so much more fun. 

    Another one of our missions that we’ve done since the start has been donating underwear. We’ve donated just short of 8,000 pairs of underwear for every item sold to women all over the world. We’ve been picked up by Von Maur department stores and media outlets including: Washington Post, Forbes, BRIDES, The Knot, and more. We’ve been able to continue growing slow and steady which has allowed us to celebrate the little wins as we go! 

  • Have you been able to see your impact first hand? 
  • Yes, and it’s magical! I feel really honored and humbled to have this job, to have the opportunity to serve others and care for the environment. To-date, we’ve donated about 8,000 pairs of underwear to women in requesting organizations all over the world. I’ve personally traveled to donation drop-offs in Ecuador, Cuba and Haiti and over 20 US cities. To be able to volunteer my time to lend a hand, a heart and an ear to listen feels really special and I feel grateful for the opportunity every time. 

  • Is your only location in Kansas City? 
  • We sell online and ship across the US as well as internationally. We’re also carried wholesale in select retail stores all over the country. We’re headquartered in Kansas City, MO and opened our flagship store in KC’s Westside neighborhood over 6 years ago. In late 2014, shortly after launching web sales from New Smyrna Beach, FL I moved the company to Kansas City (where I’m originally from). Since early 2015, all of our garments are ethically made just a few blocks from our flagship store in Kansas City. 

  • Can you share some examples of what natural items make the colors in your pieces? 
  • We LOVE contracting our local dye artist partner, Alyx Jacobs, for small batch natural dye collections. Some of our past natural dye collections include avocado dye - which makes a beautiful blush color, indigo, marigold, and cutch - the wood of ancient cutch trees makes a beautiful terra cotta colored dye. 

  • What’s the best way for customers to find you? 
  • The easiest way to find us is on our website at madiapparel.com we offer free domestic shipping for all apparel products! We’d love to connect with you on instagram or facebook : @madi_apparel or if you’re in the Kansas City area, please come visit our store! 

    Like we said, AMAZING. This collaboration is not going anywhere, so stay tuned for more - until next time! 

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