A Collaboration ft. 1000 Springs Mill

Remember when Sydney introduced herself and said she found us through Instagram? On that same adventure she met about 50 other people across the United States. Through this experience she was able to meet so many people doing so many different things, one of which takes us to our newest business collaboration…

Introducing 1000 Springs Mill, an Idaho based company creating organic, non-gmo products ranging from beans, to oats, to popcorn. Their mission is simple: Healthy people. Healthy future. A belief that we couldn’t be prouder to help promote. 

We often talk about the ways we want to position Bandit, the companies we want to work with and the value we want to provide all of you. When the conversations surrounding menu items and ways we could expand our reach Sydney quite literally shouted “I have an idea!” Before we knew it there was a meeting set up and before we knew it a partnership was born. 

To best share with you the 1000 Springs Mill mission and insight, we bring to you some highlights from our most recent interview with their team! 


1. How did 1000 Springs Mill start? 

The Mason and Cornie families have been farming in Idaho’s Magic Valley for three generations. Even more, they have been pioneer partners in the local organic farming movement, focusing on healthy soil, which only reinforced our goal - healthy people, healthy future. 


2. What has been the biggest achievement of 1000 Springs Mill? 

Our ability to offer people across the U.S organic, healthy food at an affordable price as well as creating innovative products. 


3. What’s your favorite product? 

My personal favorite is our popcorn! Popped with a little coconut oil and salt…. DELICIOUS. 


4. In what ways have you seen growth in your brand? 

My favorite place to see growth with our brand is our story! Selling pantry staples isn’t super exciting, but combined with why we do it is incredible. I get to show buyers photos of the farm and explain to customers about planting the seeds and physically being on the farm watching it all happen. We are so fortunate to be able to do what we do on the scale we do it. Most companies that get to see the farm with their own eyes, touch the soil and watch their plants grow are only capable of supplying very minimal amounts. Being 3rd generation farms has given us the opportunity to have enough land to produce millions of pounds of product. 


5. If someone wants to get their hands on products, where should they go? 

We are in over 1,200 Natural Food stores across the U.S, our website, amazon and hopefully more! 

Like they said - check them out! Visit their website : https://1000springsmill.com/ or Instagram : @1000springsmill and feel free to shoot them over a message if you have any questions! 

We can’t wait to keep working alongside them and this mission - it’s time to prep our FAVORITE overnight oats, so until next time! 


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