9 Creative ...And Unexpected Ways To Reuse Your Used Coffee Grounds

When you reach the gold status level of coffee drinking like I have meaning, I drink so much coffee that it has turned into a lifestyle, literally.  With so much coffee drinking that means tons of leftover coffee grounds! I thought there has got to be something you can do with these bad boys rather than just wasting them. I am sure you have thought of this yourself as well! 
Here is a list of my Favorite, and unsuspected uses for left over coffee grounds! Enjoy!
Get’s Rid of Flea’s - When Jax first started itching a little bit more than usual I probably acted how a parent just found out there kid has lice. “My dog is not dirty, he wouldn’t have fleas.” After a long talk with him and a lot of research we found out that it kinda comes along with the territory when you have long beautiful hair and everyone wants to be you anyways and, you roll around in the grass any chance you get. Especially California dogs, or just dogs who are outside a lot in general! IT’S NORMAL FRIENDS. So here is what you do:
warning: do not let your dogs eat the grounds as it can be toxic
This one my be in my top hacks of life. Once you start buying furniture for yourself as a grown adult that wasn’t a hand-me-down you understand just how frustrating it can be to see a scratch in a piece of furniture you spent your hard earned money on. Problem Solved. Take 1 pots worth of brewed coffee grounds, 1/4 cup of warm water, and 1/4 cup vinegar. Mix together and let sit for an hour. Then take a rag and just rub the mixture into the scratches and vua la. Good as new!
Dirty Pots & Pans-
Hard to clean dishes? No Problem! Simply add your leftover grinds on a sponge or place them on your dishes and scrub away! The grit from the grounds will have you dishes sparkly clean! 
Long Hair Don’t Care- 
I recommend this for the darker haired gals, so listen up. Mix some coffee grounds with your conditioner before your final rinse and be sure to rinse out with cold water!
With Bandit coffee’s low acidity you can rest assure that the coffee grounds won’t pull out any hair color, only leave you with tons of shine! You not only will exfoliate your scalp and hair shaft, but you will also stimulate hair growth as well! Do to the coffee grounds helping exfoliate, it will leave your hair super soft and shiney!
Warning- I only recommend this for dark hair gals for obvious reasons. 
After Chopping up Garlic or an Onion simple take your coffee grounds and rub them on your hands like you would if you were to wash them with soap and water. Rinse and you should have that lingering scent washed away. 
Fire Place Clean up
With Fall finally here it’s time to fire up the fireplace but, we all know one of the most annoying chores is cleaning that fire place out! Just sprinkle your used coffee grounds over your pre existing ashes before you scoop out and clean it to eliminate any dust!
Repeals Bugs
Take your left over grounds and sprinkle them around the outside of your house under windows or doors, or any place you feel like bugs maybe getting in at. It's great for repelling mosquitos, slugs and snails or any nasty bug you maybe dealing with. 
Surface cleaner in the bathroom and kitchen
Just as coffee grounds are super useful for cleaning dirty dishes, It's also great as a surface cleaner! Take your used ground and place over your counter and rub down with a sponge! This will help take off any hair spray that ends up in your bathroom or virtually any mess in your kitchen. 
Kitchen Sink and Refrigerator Deodorizer 
Used coffee grounds can also be a great tool to help deodorize some not so great smelling kitchen appliances. For the sink I recommend this only once in a while as coffee grounds can potentially clog up your sink. But since they have already been brewed you have a lower chance of this happening. Simply just pour your grounds down the drain and let set. 
For your refrigerator, simply pat the coffee grounds or set them to dry and place in a small bowl or ventilated bag and set in your fridge. You will be greeted with a light, fresh smell every time you open it. 
Also, check out pinterest or go here  for some great coffee ground ideas!

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