5 Tips To A Stress Free Holiday

It’s that time of year. Christmas. And although Andy Williams was right when he sang about it being the most wonderful time of the year. He forgot to talk about how it can also be one of thee most stressful times of the year as well.

For me, between organizing Holiday Travel from Los Angeles back to Kansas, making time for friends and family, getting the perfect gift, taking in all the holiday activities and running the business from a far, it tends to also be a little hectic. I actually think i got a little stressed out just typing that.

It's so easy to lose site of what really matters most. It's the end of the year and we deserve to celebrate the 12 months you've had, the accomplishments, lessons you've learned and the ones who've helped you along the way. So, with that being said, here are my best tips on how to not lose your mind this Holiday season. 

     1. Make time for the things you love! - There are so many fun holiday parties, events, get togethers and every year I get so mad that I miss out from lack of planning on my part.

My best advice is to plan ahead, get all the dates down in your calendar and find local events in the area as well. Take note of them and make it a point to really get out there! This is such a magical time of year and something about the holiday spirit just get’s me. Also, this is a great way to make use of your spare time in-between all the holiday hoopla!

     2. Stay on track - Food plays such a strong roll in how we feel and function on a day to day basis. With that being said, it's most definitely something to keep in mind when attending all the holiday parties. If you eat like crap you with look and feel like crap! Now, Im not saying you can’t have any fun but maybe try and keep it between the lines a little this season. Stay hydrated, try and get some sort of physical activity in each day, and be mindful of your eating habits when your not the star at the company christmas party and rest up! Enjoy this magical time of the year, but don’t forget to take care of #1.

     3. Try Shopping Online - Take a load off and make things a little easier for yourself. There are so many stores that run FREE shipping deals that it completely makes since to take advantage of it being online. There is no since of scrambling to get to all the stores. Check and see if they have an online option to save some time. Between traffic and being short on time from a full schedule I love doing a little late night shopping from the comforts of my pajamas. I hate going to the store to by the “little” stupid things like certain groceries or just home items. Amazon Prime and Target make my life a breeze! Also, the joy I get from packages arriving at my door is just as exciting as the initial purchase. I also have noticed I cut down on spending from shopping online by not picking up extra (not on my list) items in the Target dollar bins. I just get my necessities and I am out.  If I don’t shop online, I really try and shop local. There is just something so special about gift and supporting local business’s and sharing that experience that I love.

      4. Make A List - Santa had a pretty good idea when he was making a list and checking it twice. A great way to cut down on costs and stay on track is by making lists. My favorite past time! I always make a list of everyone I want and  need to get a gift for and a  list of all the holiday treats I will be making.  I also I write in my calendar as well all the commitments I have. It is great that I have everything in one place so I can make sure that not a detail is missed! I

     5. Treat Yourself - Ok, I just going to say it. Treat Yourself! Don’t forget about numero uno around the holidays either. Treat yourself to a massage or some self care. After all, you do deserve it. It just doesn’t seem right that everybody else gets to benefit from your amazing holiday spirit. It’s the end of the year and you are worth it!

I hope you all have a happy and stress free holidays 

Merry Christmas!

Written by Adrianne Meyer

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