PART 1: Branding

Today’s topic : BRANDING 

When Bandit Coffee was born we prioritized creating something that would be worth remembering. Focusing on the details that would make our customers and followers want to remember us. 

Think about it. 

Where are my Target people? 

Do you remember the first time you went? Odds are it was so long ago that you don’t, but it’s most likely still your go to. 

Have you thought about what makes it your go-to? The feeling you get when you’re walking around. The experience that is offered by going. It’s no accident that we leave with things that weren’t on the list.

Now, insert that feeling you had for Target and think about the other places you go out of habit. Bandit has worked to create the branding to make it your go-to for coffee. 

When you think of coffee. We want you to think of us. We want you to channel your inner bandit and know that we created a community of people just like you. 

If you’re in the entrepreneurship space looking for a few tips, here’s our advice: 

  1. Make sure your passion in what you’re selling sticks out 
  2. Create a logo that represents who you are trying to attract 
  3. Prioritize the customer service you’re providing - people remember that 
  4. What you’re selling and the experience it takes to get there should be an equal priority 
  5. Set yourself apart in the crowd 

When your audience thinks about the errands they need to run and the businesses they will ALWAYS support, create something that makes the cut. Put heart and authenticity into it and make it your own. 

Branding is a reflection of who you and your brand will represent, make it count. 

Next up: Creating a Story Around your Brand >>>

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