Easter Baskets For The Win!

March 29, 2018

Easter Baskets For The Win!


Easter Baskets have been a long time tradition in my family and has been passed down for years. Every Easter Sunday I would wake up to find a white wicker basket full of pink straw and filled with spring goodies and of course, candy. It’s something I still do to this day and look forward to it every year (Yes, 29 year olds can have them too)!

I think I love the idea of an Easter basket because after the holiday season of Christmas, everyone gets so caught up in the hustle and bustle and I feel like Easter is the perfect time to show appreciation and thoughtfulness to your close friends and family, all while still enjoying the true meaning of Easter.

You can read about the history of Easter baskets here or here, but I have included a few highlights!

A few highlights on Easter baskets:

  • This started out as a Western Europe tradition, the Germans brought it over with them.
  • Easter baskets are actually a sign of fertility. The old wise tales say that Eostre, the Germanic fertility goddess, who also blessed the harvest would get baskets as offerings. People would carry baskets of young seedlings as an offering to her. If the seedlings pleased her, she would ensure that the harvest was a successful one. (I come from a strong German and farming background community so this was really cool to understand the meaning behind Easter baskets with that meaning)
  • Eggs (which is what we fill the basket’s with in egg hunts) show the sign of fertility and life. Easter is celebrated in connection with the Spring Equinox and around this time we see all things coming back to life after the long winter. The trees and flowers are all starting to bloom.

So that's a little lesson on Easter baskets. Lets dive in on what I feel like makes the perfect Easter basket! I am going to share with you my hot tips and tricks and show you one that my mom and I put together!

I think the most important thing when putting together an Easter basket is finding things that they really are interested in and you can tailor it to them. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself. - What are they interested in right now?       - What are their favorite treats? - Have they mentioned something they have been wanting?

These questions are all a great start to filling that special Easter basket. 

  • The Basket - Although I do love a traditional Easter Baskets - I love getting baskets that someone can re-use. Target never disappoints. EVER!
  • The candy!- Ok! Come on, you have to put some Easter candy in here. I usually try to find out what their favorite candy that is Easter themed or if they happened to give up something for the lent season. I love putting that in there as well! Some of my favorites are Peeps, Reeses chocolate eggs, and Easter egg bubble gum.
  • The good stuff- Here is where you can have some fun. I love putting items in the basket that someone wouldn’t normally buy for themselves! Items that are more of a treat or a little splurge! I enjoy finding a theme around the basket as well and it makes it easier to find items.

Here is an Easter Basket both my mom and I put together! Links to all the items are also listed below on where you can find the goodies so just click on the word! These are just a few of my favorite things!

We did a fun "work out and self care" theme for this one.